I'm Not That Thrilled That Miami Has Signed Frank Gore

Live look at me hearing the news Miami signed Frank Gore



  1. Yep...i dont get ANY of your "Logic"..you bring it all up, then dismiss all of it at the same time. Gore played on one of the worst teams in the League, hence their high pick...and yes, CULTURE is everything...so is negativity...and how do YOU help the Phins get better? By telling everyone that you dont want the guy who hasnt missed a game in 7 years, will soon be #4 all time rusher, who WILL be called on to mentor Drake, and will probably only get 8-10 carries...and where....where was YOUR solution to who would have been better??? I am thrilled for the signing...He is a U player...they are all about culture and team...look how much the alumni support the Canes still...but yet you do nothing but spew negativity, because.....what?? No solution, just bashing...WHY are you a Fan??


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