Miami Dolphins' Linebacker Options In the Draft

There are some that are not uneasy with the linebacker position for the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins defense had some struggles in 2016 and 2017. Raekwon McMillan showed a lot of promise in camp and was the defensive signal caller that this team was lacking. unfortunately, he was injured on his first play of the preseason.

During the season, the linebackers had their struggles, especially with Lawrence Timmons going AWOL from the team before their first game in LA against the Chargers. Chase Allen filled in his spot, which I think he did just fine in spot duty.

Lawrence Timmons even looked like he lost a step and wasn't quite himself this season. Stephone Anthony was acquired from the Saints for a 5th round pick and took some time to find his spot-on defense. He showed plenty of flashes in coverage.

And then there is Kiko Alonso, which a lot of fans have expressed their opinions on him. He was moved to outside linebacker this year and contrary to popular belief, he was not as bad as some think. There were a lot of miscommunication issues between linebackers and the secondary when it came to coverage responsibilities.

A lot of fans have been clamoring for linebackers to be drafted to play the opposite linebacker role of Kiko or in case McMillan cannot come back to form. I put together a list of possible linebackers that could be draft targets. Scores are out of a possible 10. We accumulated the data based on the average of prospects over the past 10 years

Linebacker Prospects: 
Size Score
Production Score
Tremaine Edmunds (VT)
Roquan Smith (UGA)
Malik Jefferson (Texas)
Josey Jewell (Iowa)
Jack Cichy (Wisconsin)
Rashaan Evans (Alabama)
Jeff Holland (Auburn)
Uchenna Nwosu (USC)
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (OK)
Genard Avery (Memphis)
Dewey Jarvis (Brown)
Auggie Sanchez


All these linebackers are productive, especially the ones I starred. There is a combination of athletic linebackers and instinctive linebackers on this list.

Jack Cichy, Rashaan Evans, Roquan Smith and Josey Jewell may be the most instinctive linebackers on this list. Edmonds, Smith, Jefferson, Holland, Okoronkwo and Genard Avery have huge upside to be good linebackers in the NFL. Okoronkwo is a guy to watch as a versatile linebacker that can do it all.


  1. Smith would be an immediate upgrade over Alonso but I almost want the Dolphins to get another DT and a CB and S. There should be plenty of late-round prospects at LB that could end up going undrafted. Similiar to what Philbin did in 2014. That's how we got Mike Hull. I wouldn't draft a LB. I'm perfectly happy going into the 2018 season with Alonso, McMillian and Anthony as the starters and Hull for depth. Probably in the minority in that opinion. But I think they can load up the position with some undrafted prospects. I like Nyles Morgan, Matthew Thomas, Peter Kalambayi. I think they will all be available post-draft.

    1. I’m in that minority as well. In fact, I’m in the minority that I don’t think of LB as a need. However, I never look at the draft as filling needs as much as I view it as a chance to get playmakers regardless of position.
      I think Chase Allen, Hull and Hewitt give Miami solid depth

  2. I believe we need to Draft a LB in the 1st round. If Smith or Edmunds is there I'd definitely take him. If not than 2nd round I'd take either Evans, Jefferson or Leighton Vander Esch. Also I'd take a LB in the middle rounds like Jewell or Shaquem Griffin whom I really like alot. Alonzo & Anthony are ok but not that great. We really don't know what we have in McMillan, he hasn't played a single snap in the NFL yet. Hopefully he's really good. If not we're screwed. That's why we need to draft a couple guys.


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