Miami Dolphins' Tight End Options In the Draft

The Dolphins have had a need a tight end for some time now. Ever since Dennis Hickey decided that Charles Clay's contract from the Bills was not worth matching. I don't disagree with Hickey's decision to not match, because Clay has not lived up to that contract, however, Miami's tight ends have not filled the void.

 Jordan Cameron was a good signing, but he never reclaimed some of the magic he had with the Browns in 2013. Cameron ended up retiring after the 2016 season due to concussions. Dion Sims actually filled in nicely in 2016 but didn't really offer much in the passing game.

 I noticed that Gase seems to covet blocking the most out of all attributes from his tight ends. That seems to come from his time under Mike Martz. Maybe that is why Gase loved Sims so much and brought in Fasano. According to PFF's Scott Barrett, Miami's tight ends were not very good fantasy options, there reason; Miami left their tight ends in to block more than 31 other teams.

With that said, let's take a look at some Tight Ends in Free agency that fit that profile

Levine Toilolo (26) 6'8 265

Brandon Williams (30) 6'3 260

Jeff Cumberland (30) 6'4 260

Troy Nikklas (25) 6'6 270

The Free Agent class isn't very flashy, but the draft has a lot of tight ends to keep an eye on. Along with the names, I've attached the size and production scores. All scores are out of 10.

Prospect                                              Size Score       Production Score

Dallas Goedert (South Dakota State)  7.74                 10.00

Troy Fumagalli (Wisconsin)                 7.55                 8.83

Dalton Shultz (Stanford)                      6.79                 5.34

Will Dissly (Washington)                      6.99                 5.90

Duran Smythe (ND)                             6.88                 5.32

Ryan Izzo (FSU)                                  6.73                 5.90

Hayden Hurst (SC)                              7.03                 8.20

All of these tight ends have one thing in common, all of them are adequate to good blockers. Something Miami really covets with their tight ends. Goedert/Fumagali/Shultz are my favorite three on this list. They are athletic and have the ability to block, which makes them perfect fits. If Gase wishes to continue using his tight ends to block more, than guys like Ryan Izzo and Will Dissly could be targets for the Dolphins.


  1. When does Miami get a young TE who can run and stretch a defense?
    Isn't Gase from offenses that used TE's for more than bl0cking

    why play 11 on 10 when you can get a weapon for Tannehill and the passing game?

    Don't really care about Ryan Izzo or the kid from UW. Miami must get Hurst, Goedart or Giesicki in Round 2, no more excuses for not having a legit starter at TE.

    C'mon, this really isn't good analysis but then again this falls in line with what the
    brain trust does here

  2. I like Schultz and Smythe. But I am hoping the Dolphins won't waste a draft pick on the position. Instead, Adam Breneman, Marcus Baugh and Jeb Blazevich could go undrafted. Get a couple of them.

    1. If you get a very good TE for the next 7 to 10yrs. it wouldn't be considered a wasted draft pick but more like one of our best draft picks in years.

    2. Fumagalli could probably be had with one of the fourth round draft picks, that would not be a waste, a great blocker and makes some amazing catches


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