Stephen Ross Just Needs To Stop Talking

Of course, Miami had to be a team get involved with the kneeling and protesting talk after it kind of died down a bit. Couldn't just have Bob McNair be the owner to pop off about it and tell folks that the Texans will not sign players that knelt or stood up for any kind of cause before a football game started. Good luck with all that. I mean free agents have always sprinted to get to Houston so I'm sure this won't have any negative effects on signing new players. But Ross could have just kept his thoughts to himself or at the very least asked one of his henchmen if this was alright to say but nope we got this from Ross on Monday

"When that message changed, and everybody was interpreting it as that was the reason, then I was against kneeling," Ross told Red. "I like Donald [Trump]. I don't support everything that he says. Overall, I think he was trying to make a point, and his message became what kneeling was all about. From that standpoint, that is the way the public is interpreting it. So I think that's really incumbent upon us to adopt that. That's how, I think, the country now is interpreting the kneeling issue."

Great, just great. You're basically saying that even though the players who are kneeling have said no less than a million times that they aren't protesting the military in any way and have clearly said they are protesting the way police handle their enforcement of the law in regards to African Americans especially when it comes to high number of African Americans that have been gunned down by the police essentially wanting equality and better training of our nation's law enforcement, that Americans have completely lost sight of that message and have automatically said that the players who are kneeling, who by the way are largely African Americans, are spitting in the face of the military. Essentially, Ross is saying that Americans are not intelligent enough to hear and listen to what the players are saying and have made up their minds and that is it. But fear not, that wasn't what Ross was trying to say at all because on Tuesday Ross said this

"I have no intention of forcing our players to stand during the anthem and I regret that my comments have been misconstrued. I’ve shared my opinion with all our players: I’m passionate about the cause of social justice and I feel that kneeling is an ineffective tactic that alienates more people than it enlists. I know our players care about the military and law enforcement too because I’ve seen the same players who are fighting for social justice engaging positively with law enforcement and the military. I care passionately that the message of social justice resonates far and wide and I will continue to support and fund efforts for those who fight for equality for all."

Nice flip-flop from Ross there. Must be uncomfortable for Ross to ride that fence. I'm guessing that someone came and told him that Kenny Stills and other Dolphins players knelt throughout the season and that it's probably bad for business to go ahead and implement something like this if the league is not saying you have too. Might see a reduction in players that want to come to Miami and take advantage of that no state tax. Seems like if Ross just went with the message he had on Tuesday then there wouldn't be an issue. In fact, he lead out with this, he would of been revered in the eyes of the majority of the public. The majority of the people would have said "see, there's a guy who even though it's known he agrees with Trump on some things, see's that the protesting wasn't against the military and that he looks like he wants equality for everyone." Instead, we have most people saying "look at this guy, out of touch, doesn't know what he's saying. Says, one thing, gets killed for it then tries and take it back." That's where we're at with this. For that I say to Stephen Ross

Here's the thing; I don't know Stephen Ross. I have no idea what his true beliefs are on the issue. My guess is at first, he didn't love the idea of the players kneeling during the national anthem but when he was told why they were doing he probably thought alright. Then there was the backlash from a vocal minority of people in the country, which they're allowed to do by the way, the ridiculous comments from the commander and by then the message gets lost. That I can understand. What I can't understand is letting that run your brain and blind you from what you know is the real reason for the kneeling and protest. You got to be smarter than that and be able to cut through the crap and return to the real message.

Personally, I have no problem at all what the players do. I know why they do it and I know it's not because they're anti-military. That would be absurd of them to do because many of them have family members that are in the military. Also, countless military members, have come out and said that players protesting and using the platform of being an NFL player to promote a cause is exactly why they joined the military. The idea is to protect our freedoms and protesting is one of those. The fact they use the National Anthem to do it, oh well. If you want to make an impact, you need to make a statement and the fact that it is still being talked about today proves it's working. I don't want to hear about how this is hurting the league because ratings have dropped either. They have dropped but people not watching due to the anthem protests makes up a very small percentage of that number. Truth is, football peaked a few years ago, it couldn't really get much bigger so the only way to go is down. The salary cap goes up every year. Pretty sure that means they are doing just fine in the money-making department.

Ultimately, I despise politics. So unfun. Sports are more fun to talk about, but I also realize that in 2018 the two at times will get melded together. I'm not going to fight that. I may not involve myself with arguing with strangers on-line or give my 2 cents about the issues with co-workers who are trying to bait me into taking someone's side, but I know what's happening. But again, I'd rather just talk about how Miami should sell their soul to trade up and get Barkley. Much more fun



  1. I miss the whole year last year and was hoping this would all die down and I can go back to watching football. Guess not, stick with college ball.

    1. That's the way to show your support for unarmed Black men being gunned down by police. The only way to claim you do not know why the players were kneeling is if you just woke up from a coma. Funny how the racist like trump and his supporters have tried to turn this into something it never was about!

  2. When the players get the politics out of football, I'll return to watching. Miami lost a 45+ year fan here with this bullshit.


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