Tannehill Saying He'd Be Okay With Miami Drafting A QB In The 1st Round Is As Untruthful As It Gets

I like Ryan Tannehill. I think that he has shown, at times, to be able the throw the ball in ways that not many people in the league can especially on the run. I think it's completely fair to say that he has struggled, at times, as well. He simply hasn't been consistent. Where ever you stand on the whole Tannehill should be the starter next year or Tannehill should be shown the door is irrelevant with this blog. This blog is specifically about something Adam Gase said to the media today.

 I don't know what the question was that prompted this response from Gase, but I doubt the question was if Miami drafted a QB in the later rounds, would Ryan be alright with that? If that was the question, then of course Ryan wouldn't care if the Dolphins selected a QB. But if the question is would Ryan be at all offended if you selected a QB with the 11th overall pick in the 1st round? Then I will never believe that Ryan would be all about it. How could he? He's a human being. Anyone who has produced what Tannehil has produced in his first six seasons in the league would have to be at the very least worried about job security if the team you play for took a guy at your position, the one you couldn't play the last year+ due to a pesky knee injury. Why would you want to go to training camp and the preseason seeing a 1st rd QB taking reps, even 2nd team reps, when the team you play for could have selected someone at another position? Don't give me the whole they're competitors, they would enjoy someone pushing them idea. People want security. That's not very complicated to understand. Surprisingly, this isn't the first time Ryan has said something like this. In 2016, before the draft he had something similar to say when Miami had the 13th pick.
"No, I wouldn't be offended at all," Tannehill said, via the Miami Herald. "That's the nature of the business. If you're not doing the job good enough then they're looking to replace you. And you want to have depth. I love the guys in the room ... I'm excited about the room we have and if we add somebody else, I'll be open arms and welcome him in. We're just there to push each other. Push each to be better and enjoy the whole process."
Again, what is he going to say? With his resume, he can't act like it be the stupidest thing in the world if the team took a QB in the 1st. But, to say that you're all about it and would give the guy a genuine hug when you see the new QB and be like this is going to be awesome is something I will never believe. Ryan is probably a real nice guy, who's down to Earth is real chill and is a fun guy to party with. But this is too much for me to go along with. I understand that he doesn't have many other responses to the situation other than saying he'd be cool about it, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that he wouldn't be happy answering the billion questions he would get asked about what it's like having a 1st rd QB on the roster. I imagine that would get old pretty quick.

I hope Ryan is going with the Flacco approach and trying to bet on himself and prove to everyone that he has a lot of game to offer. I hope he goes out there and shoves it all in everyone's face whose said negative stuff about him. I hope he shows all the Mayocks and big wig analyst of the world that he's the QB of the future in Miami. I hope that happens for all of us. But who knows? We've seen stories like this before. Generally, for Miami, it turns out mediocre at best. Maybe not this time. I like that thought.



  1. You are right. Look, Tannehill is who Tannehill is. Almost 30, never been a pro-bowler, and owns a 39-41 record in 5 full seasons. We can all argue that these stats do not accurately reflect who Tannehill is. And we'd all be wrong. If the Dolphins do indeed draft a QB first this year, then Ryan knows, and the Phins know, that all Ryan will be doing in 2018, is keeping the seat warm for the next Miami Dolphins starting QB in 2019. No matter what RT says now.

  2. Cut him already! We need the cap space.


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