What Value Can DeMarco Murray Bring?

DeMarco Murray turned 30 in February, which typically spells the end for a RB in the NFL. That does not mean that Murray cannot be effective, however, Murray brings more to the Dolphins' young offense than just talent on the field.

Mike Oliva here at DolphinsTalk.com asked the question if DeMarco Murray is a good fit in Miami in his latest article. I'm not going to debate whether he is a fit or not, but I want to show some of the value he offers a very young Dolphins team.

I compiled a few plays of DeMarco Murray that show what kind of value he can have for the team. 

In this first two plays, DeMarco Murray is lined up as a lead back along with Derrick Henry. Mariota runs the option, and Murray selflessly makes a lead block to spring Mariota. Murray can help add an element to the Dolphins' offense that they will likely run with Tannehill. Keep in mind, Damian Williams could be brought back and be used in this role as well.

The Next play show's Murray's patience which allows blocks to set up before he bursts upfield. He then has the awareness to allow his blocks to set up downfield. This kind of patience can help Drake be very effective.

The final play shows something that Drake has already shown, but it doesn't hurt to see a veteran play doing it. Murray gets 3 yards originally, but he delivers a blow to the defender and fights forward for 2 more yards. 

I think the Dolphins are serious about bringing in Murray. Murray was known for helping to change the culture in the locker room in Tennessee, which makes sense of why the Dolphins have interest. I do think the Dolphins are looking for fresh legs behind Drake, however, you can see where Murray's experience could help Drake grow into a better running back. Drake is still a very young running back that can benefit from Demarco Murray, especially since they have very similar playing styles. 


  1. Depending on his contract demands, this draft is full of good RBs. Risk reward when dealing with older RBs.

  2. Just say no. Aren't you tired of overpaying for old RBs?

    Get a good, fast, young, hungry RB in the mid rounds of the draft.

    1. I don't want them to overpay anybody. Keep in mind they have a good young/fast RB in Drake. The idea of the veteran RB is to not overpay, but to bring leadership. That's the entire reason behind wanting a veteran


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