Bobby's Dolphins Mock Draft 3.0 (Miami trades down with Packers!)

The Draft is 18 days away and everyone in league circles and on the Twitterverse has their opinion on what team should do what, for Dolphins Twitterverse it’s either: draft Mayfield, draft Derwin James, draft Minkah Fitzpatrick, draft Roquan Smith, draft Tremaine Edmunds, or how about Vita Vea? For me, it's let the draft fall to you and see who's available. Dolphins will have the luxury to either get a top-rated prospect who shouldn't be at their pick to begin with, or they could field offers to trade down and gain more picks (spoiler alert!).

Below is my third Dolphins team mock draft as well as my latest full round one Mock draft below that, Miami has a top safety fall to them at their pick but the Packers make them an offer that simply can’t refuse - with one trade down Miami gains 3 extra picks that balance's out their entire roster:

(Of course as news break and trades occur, mock drafts like NCAA March Madness Brackets bust! So expect an updated version before Draft Day.)

Round 1 – Mock Draft 4.0
1. Cleveland Browns – Josh Allen |QB| Wyoming
2. Buffalo Bills – Sam Darnold |QB| Southern Cal (Trade w/ Giants)
3. New York Jets – Baker Mayfield |QB| Oklahoma
4. Cleveland Browns – Bradley Chubb |DE| NC State
5. Denver Broncos – Josh Rosen |QB| UCLA
6. Indianapolis Colts – Saquan Barkley |HB| Penn State
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Derwin James |SS| Florida State
8. Chicago Bears – Quenton Nelson |OG| Notre Dame
9. San Francisco 49ers – Tremaine Edmunds |LB| Virginia Tech
10. Oakland Raiders – Roquan Smith |LB| Georgia
11. Green Bay Packers – Minkah Fitzpatrick |FS| Alabama (Trade w/ Dolphins)
12. New York Giants – Denzel Ward |CB| Ohio State
13. Washington Redskins – Vita Vea |DT| Washington
14. Miami Dolphins – Leighton Vander Esch |LB| Boise State
15. Arizona Cardinals – Josh Jackson |CB| Iowa
16. Baltimore Ravens – D.J. Moore |WR| Maryland
17. Los Angeles Chargers – Da’Ron Payne |DT| Alabama
18. Carolina Panthers – Calvin Ridley |WR| Alabama (Trade w/ Seahawks)
19. Dallas Cowboys – Maurice Hurst |DT| Michigan
20. Detroit Lions – Marcus Davenport |DE| UTSA
21. New England Patriots – Mason Rudolph |QB| Oklahoma St. (Trade w/ Bengals)
22. New York Giants – Rashaan Evans |LB| Alabama
23. Cincinnati Bengals – James Daniels |C| Iowa
24. Seattle Seahawks – Mike McGlinchey |OT| Notre Dame
25. Tennessee Titans – Harold Landry |DE| Boston College
26. Atlanta Falcons – Tavon Bryan |DT| Florida
27. New Orleans Saints – Lamar Jackson |QB| Louisville
28. Pittsburgh Steelers – Ronnie Harrison |SS| Alabama
29. Jacksonville Jaguars – Courtland Sutton |WR| Southern Methodist
30. Minnesota Vikings – Connor Williams |OT| Texas
31. New England Patriots – Hayden Hurst |TE| South Carolina
32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Derrius Guice |HB| LSU (Trade w/ Eagles)

·         Giants receive the 12, 22, 56, and 65th overall selections.
Bills receive the 2nd overall selection.
·         Dolphins receive the 14, 101, 138, and 186th overall selections.
Packers receive the 11th overall selection.
·         Seahawks receive the 24th and 85th overall selections.
Panthers receive the 18th overall selection.
·         Bengals receive the 23rd and 95th overall selections.
Patriots receive the 21st and 112th overall selections.
·         Eagles receive the 38th and 102nd overall selections.
Buccaneers receive the 32nd overall selection.

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  1. No way we take a RB in the second round. There will be better TEs available and that would make more sense.

    1. There is a legit possibility Miami takes a back in the 2nd if some one they like is there (Guice, Michel), and remember this... Gore is one year away from retirement and in regards to Drake, Miami has shown no interest in resigning their past backs no matter how successful (Jay Ajayi, Lamar Miller, Reggie Bush) so HB can't be discounted in any round.

      Dolphins needs a tight end who can catch and block, the top tight end Hayden Hurst is already off the board at 42 - the others you may be referring to; Mike Gesicki, Dallas Goedert, and Mark Andrews are only pass catching tight ends and offer no value at blocking. Dustin Schultz offers more value as a pass catcher and blocker in the 3rd round then Gesicki, Goedert, or Andrews would offer in the 2nd.

  2. Kerryon Johnson in the second for sure. I don't see us doubling up at LB.

    1. This running back class is so deep, it's hard to go wrong but Johnson would be a great pick as well. In regards to LB, the unit was such a disaster last year that I believe in this scenario (Miami trading down) - Miami would double down at LB to make that a strength instead of a weakness. Imagine the unit of Raekwon McMillan, Kiko Alonso, Leighton Vander Esch, Stephon Anthony, Oren Burks, Mike Hull, and Chase Allen.

    2. I blame it on the coaching staff. They invested in the LB unit last offseason. It's the coaching staff's responsibilities to get these guys playing on Sundays. I really like McMillian, Anthony and Hull for depth. Alonso needs to be upgraded but he has played 2 different positions in 2 years so you can't really ask much more of him. Our unit will be fine provided the coaches do a better job. I think it is going to be a situation similiar to the 2014 draft that once the draft is completed, the Dolphins are going to sign a bunch of undrafted LBs

  3. Robert, with all (I'm sure) DUE respect,. I intensely dislike your draft. (But I mean that in a NICE way, bless your heart). Too high for Vander Esch...he's the 4th best LB IMO, RB in the 2nd round when a LB or center is out there? I can name a dozen 4th-6th round..and undrafted ERBs who made the Pro Bowl. Falk has less pocket awareness than Tannehill, and the WSU "system"is antithetical to NFL schemes. Watching 2 of Falk's games this year convinced me of that. As to Schultz, I'd avoid ANY player from Stanford, after dealing with Jon Martin...but that's just me. Too many players from soft Pac 12 schools, cellar dwelling ACC and SEC teams, and weak conferences IMO.
    The Fins need a RECEIVER at TE...not Schultz. Gray can block well enough, and Fasano could be re-signed inexpensively. I believe Kendrick Norton will be there in the 4th and has far more upside than does McIntosh. I saw Burks in person here in Nashville. The pads didn't pop like they did for former Vandy LB Zach Cunningham. The 'Dores were blown out of so many games, rating their defensive players is not easy.

    1. Dear Unknown,

      You must be from Nashville, In regards to Vander Esch, Dolphins need a Linebacker who can cover tight ends and go sideline to sideline - only two offer that are worth first round picks but one was already off the board (Tremaine Edmunds and Vander Esch). Everyone has an opinion on Vander Esch, and I respect it - I interviewed draft analyst Charlie Campbell from recently and he has him as 2nd round guy but Pete Prisco believes he's going in top 10 (8th to Bears)... I am in the camp that believes LVE is going to be a very good player and think getting him at 14 is great value, especially at a position of need.

      In my mock, you talk about a RB at 42 when a LB and Center is there? Which LB and Center? (How do you know who's available in the 2nd?) They just drafted a LB in Rd. 1 and Center is not a need with Kilgore, they do take a Center-Guard in their final pick in my mock (Brian Allen) - if that makes you happy. Yes, HB in round 2... based off recent reports and who was still on the board - and remember... Gore is one year away from retirement and in regards to Drake, Miami has shown no interest in resigning their past backs no matter how successful (Jay Ajayi, Lamar Miller, Reggie Bush) so HB can't be discounted in any round. Yes, this HB class is deep... I can name them all too...

      Saw my fair share of Falk games as well but what you are not bringing up is his lackluster protection at Washington State. He is not starting for Miami in year 1 and maybe not even year 2 but developing behind Tannehill and learning from Gase in this scenario, besides getting Falk in the 4th round is very good value for what was left out there in this mock. I am in the camp that believes Falk can turn into a decent starter in the NFL.

      Your reasoning for not wanting Schultz is a joke, right? Was former Dolphin, now Giant Michael Thomas soft? How about any of these guys? David DeCastro, Doug Baldwin, Trent Murphy, Andrew Luck? How about Richard Sherman? Schultz is a RECEIVER who wasn't utilized as such at Stanford because they are run first team with Bryce Love (Check Tape, not stat sheets)... BUT yes, his ultimate strength is BLOCKING and Miami needs all the help they can get with their revamp O-Line.

      I like Norton and almost went with him but decided to go with McIntosh because he was rated higher on my board. I believe both have big upside and will develop into better players as their career progresses.

      I hear you on Burks but I can see him offering more of a special teams value for the Dolphins then actually playing time on defense, especially since Miami lost Neville Hewitt and Michael Thomas recently

  4. Like your mock. I'm also hoping 'Fins trade down.

    1. I think their is a potential to trade down with their second 4th round pick and get a couple of 6th round picks.

  5. This Mock is total Bullshit! These aren't even Green Bays picks to give up! Their Clevelands. LMFAO!!!!

  6. Also half of our own picks aren't correct

  7. I Apologize, I was looking at an old list of picks. I didn't realize GB & Cleveland swapped those picks. Also forgot which picks we traded.

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