Buy or Sell: Adam Gase

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I know what most of you must be thinking. "He's only been here 2 years", "He took us to the playoffs his first year", "His starting Quarterback got injured before the season started". To be quite honest with you I too give Adam Gase the benefit of the doubt for those reasons but that does not justify the moves he has either made or contributed to making. The outcome of the 2018 season for the Miami Dolphins might ultimately determine whether Adam Gase becomes a bonafide head coach or another Tony Sparano as he enters the hot seat and here are a few reasons why.

Let's begin with a few minor reasons and then dive into a more current reason why Adam Gase should soon be on the hot seat if he does not produce this season.

  • The lack of effort trying to re-sign what was considered to be your franchise player (Jarvis Landry).
Look, signing Kenny Stills, Kiko Alonso and Reshad Jones were all good moves, don't get me wrong. But when you decide to sign all of them before locking up your number 1 wide receiver, who brings to you so much more than just simply just being a wide receiver, he brings you something that doesn't have a price tag, which is the actual passion to want to win, which has been lost in this new free agent era. Yes, I know he was asking for "too much money" but if you can sign Ndamukong Suh and Ryan Tannehill to huge contracts, who don't nearly give you as much production as Landry did or will, then am I missing something here? I understand Kenny Stills is a quality receiver, but he is more of "Home-run or miss" type of guy and you're going to sign him before you sign the guy who brings leadership and maximum effort every play? We've all seen the "Home-run or miss" experiment with Mike Wallace and everyone knows how that turned out.
  • Questionable play calling and possible coaching problems.
Throughout Adam Gase's first year we all thought he was the savior but the recent moves and in game play calling he's made has not been all that great. We all know he was limited with starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill being out for the season but that does not justify Gase vouching to sign Jay Cutler and running option plays with him. There has also been too much predictable receiver bubble screens that rarely amount to anything unless its Jarvis Landry fighting four defenders off for a maximum of 3 yards. The year the Dolphins made the playoffs in Gase's first season had to do a lot with the success of Jay Ajayi as he Ranked first in not only broken tackles (58) but also yards after contact (3.46) while having the 30th ranked offense (according to PFF) basically riding Ajayi to the playoffs. After releasing Ajayi, at first, we thought (me included) that it was Ajayi's fault and that he was a "crybaby" but now that we're starting to see how well he's doing, even in a running back stable, we might be starting to see who the real problem was. It is still too early to determine whether Adam Gase is legit or not, but it is not starting to seem that way even if his Starting Quarterback gets injured for the whole season. Good coaches, Mike Zimmer for example, can cope with losing their Starting quarterback and still be able to compete.

  • Questionable staff hiring's.
This past season (and even dating back to the last couple) the Dolphins have not necessarily signed the greatest of coaches. Adam Gase has vouched for a couple of "his guys" from Chicago that claims they will improve the team. But as we can see so far coaches like Clyde Christensen and Joe Vitt (who are supposed to have major roles) do nothing. Christensen was brought in to improve the offense as well as the receivers and instead made it take a step back except for Kenny Stills. This almost comes across to the smart common sense having fan that Adam Gase can potentially be hiring his "friends" that are claimed to be coaches that can make a difference. Another signing from Chicago that made little sense was Dowell Loggains from Chicago. I understand as Offensive coordinator in 2016 Jordan Howard had an amazing year rushing for over 1000 yards as a rookie as well as Cameron Meredith becoming the Bears leading receiver as a Rookie over Loggains but how many times have we heard the same story about coaches doing things with players and coaches at another NFL team and then coming here and doing little to nothing. Something also to consider is that with this signing we now have three Offensive Coordinators which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, especially when your head coach is the one calling the plays. 


  1. Sell, His reliance on older players from his past instead of younger players makes him a liability from a personnel vantage. His play selection as OC is pathetic. Dump him.

  2. Gase should pay the Dolphins for getting his experience in coaching. It was Ross fault hiring a kid to be his coach .he got fooled by the super ball Maning won . He thought that it was Gase who made a winner out of Manning .
    Mr. Ross Manning is Manning one of the best quarterback s have ever played football.
    Ross thought that with Tannehill he has another Manning in his team and all he has to do is to hire gase and he will win a lot of games .the reality is the person who learned from the other one was Gase .
    The best position for Gase at the time he got hired by Dolphins should have been an assistant job to quarterback coach .

    1. Gase is an outstanding coach and this dolphin fan is definitely drinking the Kool-aid.
      I trust his judgement and his play calling the players need to buy in or be gone. The
      dolphins should definitely stay with Gase, rome was not built in a day. My fellow dolfans are never satisfied. TRUST THE PROCESS. FINS UP!!!!

    2. Gase is an outstanding coach after two years ? Yeah looks like he’s been paying you too the way you’re defending him

    3. Obviously you’ve been drinking the “kool-aid” if you think handing cutler millions of dollars to run option plays is good coaching lol these fans are hilarious and so un-knowledgeable

  3. who ever thinks Gaae is a good Head Coach is drinking something way stronger than kool aid I'll tell you that much, great article, good points.....


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