Miami Dolphins 2018 Schedule Prediction

The Miami Dolphins Schedule was released on Thursday and so here's my prediction of the Dolphins record this season.

Week 1: vs Titans 1-0

Home opener against a Titans team who the Dolphins took care of last year with Jay Cutler under center this year's team should also be able to take care of them

Week 2: @Jets 2-0

On the road against a team who completely dominated us at MetLife last season, but the Jets have changed a lot and their lack of run game will be an advantage for the Dolphins

Week 3: vs Raiders 2-1

At home where the Raiders beat us last season and with Jon Gruden the head coach of the Raiders it will be a much-improved team and the Dolphins drop their first one of the season

Week 4: @New England 2-2

The Dolphins haven't won in New England in a while and in Danny Amendola's return to Gillette Stadium the Dolphins lose our 2nd straight

Week 5: @ Cincinnati 3-2

The Bengals are a struggling team who hasn't done much to improve this offseason I say the Fins take advantage and win on the road

Week 6: vs Chicago 4-2

It's going to be a tough one as Trubisky will be used to the pace of the NFL and will be well prepared to face the Dolphins, but our offense will outscore and win a close one at home

Week 7: vs Detroit 5-2

The Dolphins have been average the past couple of years against Matt Patricia defenses but the skill level of Detroit's defense is not the same of what he had in New England, Dolphins win 4th straight

Week 8: @Houston 5-3

In Houston against a high scoring offense manned by Deshaun Watson Fins lose this one by a lot

Week 9 vs Jets 6-3

Home against a Jets team who by this time of year will be struggling and at home where Tannehill has found his rhythm all season long Dolphins win

Week 10: @Green Bay 6-4

At Lambeu against a good Packers team in a cold weather game Dolphins take a loss

Week 11: Bye Week

Week 12: @ Indy 7-4

In Indy against a strong Andrew Luck run offense but will feel a lot of pressure from the Dolphins defensive line and will get to the QB plenty and will lead the Dolphins to victory

Week 13: vs Buffalo 8-4

Against a Buffalo team who's undecided on their QB and a depleted defense at home Dolphins take the win

Week 14: vs New England 9-4

At home where the Patriots have struggled the past couple years our defense will be in good form against a stellar Patriot Offense Dolphins win a close one

Week 15: @Minnesota 9-5

Against a very strong Kirk Cousins powered offense on the road late in the season Dolphins drop a tough one

Week 16: vs Jacksonville 10-5

Against the Jags outstanding defense, the new Dolphins offensive line will be put to the test but the lack of production by Blake Bortles will allow the Fins to win a close one

Week 17: @Buffalo 10-6

Cold weather game and in a pretty hostile environment Fins lose a tough one but make the playoffs as a Wild Card team


  1. You are optimistic, I'll give you that. 1st game wont be that easy. Just as Miami was without Ryan Tannehill, the Titans were without Marcus Mariota.

  2. Between 9 and 11 wins if team does not lose any key contributors for season. 9 the low end , 11 the high end.

  3. I love how everyone thinks Gruden is a great coach. The guy struggled as a coach then won a super bowl with Tony Dungy's team then went back to struggling after players started to leave. He's an average coach at best.

  4. Ok. Let’s say you’re right. Let’s say the 26 new players in 2002 on their 53 player roster didn’t matter.

    Let’s say the cornerstones (Brooks, Sapp, and Lynch) who were drafted by Dungy’s predecessor (Sam Wyche - who was also VP of Football Operations and oversaw GM Rich McKay) don’t matter.

    Once the Bucs started to gel on offense (from week 9 through the end of the season) they had the number one offense in the NFL... Let’s say that doesn’t matter either.

    Let’s say the fact that Dungy was never the GM nor did he have final say in players picked doesn’t matter.

    Let’s say you’re right.

    Let’s say Gruden won with “Dungy’s team.”

    How come Gruden was able to take “Dungy’s team” to 12-4 and win a Super Bowl with “the same team Dungy built,” but Dungy could only take his team 9-7?


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