Miami Dolphins Seven Round Mock Draft

Each year I release my full 7 round Miami Dolphins mock draft here on the website. While most “experts” consider this a weak overall draft I think for the Dolphins needs (TE, LB, QB, DT) this is a good draft for them on paper. There is a lot of depth at those positions and I think Miami can really improve the underbelly of their roster here and get their QB of the future.

Without any further ado here is my 2018 Full Miami Dolphins Mock Draft

Round 1: Pick #11 – Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

If you have listened to the Podcast you will know I have pounded the table for Rosen for a while now. I still am shocked there is the possibility he will fall this far in this draft but teams picking at the top of the Draft are picking there for a reason and many times its because of bad decisions. Rosen is the only QB in this draft who can start week 1 of the 2018 season for a team. He has run 3 different offenses in 3 years at UCLA, has taken a snap under center (something most college QB’s don’t do anymore), has picture perfect mechanics and a very good arm. This kid is the real deal and has a very small bust-factor.  This would be a home-run pick for the Miami Dolphins

Round 2: Pick #42 – Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan

Stephen Ross will be happy as we draft a Michigan man. I know, I know Miami has made two picks and not gotten a TE or LB but Hurst is too good of value to pass on here. Defensive Tackle is a need for the Dolphins nobody can ignore that with Suh leaving and this is too good to pass up for the Dolphins. Hurst had some medical issues with his heart but from all reports he has been cleared medically so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Round 3: Pick #73 -  Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio St

Here is the cover linebacker Miami has been looking for. Baker is small, as he looks like a safety or cornerback at times. But he is super-fast and will be able to get on the field right away both as a special team’s player and as a contributor right away at the linebacker position. He probably isn’t a day 1 starter at linebacker, but he can push Stephone Anthony for a starting linebacker spot and be someone who will be used in the sub-packages a lot.

Round 4: Pick # 123 – Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama 

Frank Gore is 35 years old and the Dolphins need someone a little younger as insurance to play behind Kenyan Drake. Scarbrough can be that punishing back who can get the tough 1 or 2 yards on 2nd and 3rd and short. He would be a nice compliment to Drake and Gore and be the “THUNDER to Drake’s “LIGHTENING” for many years to come hopefully

Round 4: Pick # 131 – Dalton Schultz, TE, Stanford

The Dolphins finally address their tight end position here in Round 4 with Schultz. The last player Miami drafted from Stanford (Jonathan Martin) didn’t work out so well, but we won’t hold that against the entire school. Schultz is a bit of a do it all type of tight end. He is a very good blocker, an above average route runner, and can catch the ball with ease. I think here in Round 4 Miami gets a tight end who can help them day 1 when they go to two tight end sets. And a year from now can be a projected starter at the tight end position.

Round 6: Pick #209 – Eddy Pineiro, K, Florida

I hate having to waste a draft pick on a kicker, but the Dolphins need one badly and the free agent market is terrible right now when it comes to kickers. And the Dolphins cannot sit around and wait to take one in Round 7 as this kid might not be there and from all reports Darren Rizzi the Dolphins special teams coach has wined and dined this kid. Pineiro also grew up a fan of the Miami Dolphins so you throw that into the equation. Look at the end of the day kicker is an important position and the Dolphins need to address it and they do it here in the sixth round.

Round 7: Pick #227 – Ryan Izzo, TE, Florida St

Just like last year when the Dolphins selected two defensive tackles late in the draft and double up’d, I think the Dolphins do the same thing here and grab Ryan Izzo. With Izzo Miami is getting a poor man’s Anthony Fassano in that Izzo is known primarily for his blocking ability and not much as a pass receiver. With this pick if Izzo can block like he did in college the Dolphins can then move on from someone like Fasano and Izzo can fight it out with Marquies Gray and AJ Derby to make the Dolphins roster in 2018.

Round 7: Pick# 229 – Bentley Spain, OT, North Carolina

This is a pick you hope you can stash on the practice squad as Spain has nice traits and skills but just needs to work on his strength and getting bigger and stronger. A total project of a tackle but in the 7th round that is ok.


  1. 6 of your 8 picks I like. Pinero is justifiable. Not a fan of Izzo. If Breneman, Blazevich or Baugh are still available, I would take ine of them.

  2. My 7 round round Mock Draft if the Dolphins stay at 11 is:
    11 overall: CB Denzel Ward, Ohio St.
    42 overall: RB Kerryon Johnson, Auburn
    73overall: DT Trenton Thompson, Georgia
    123 overall: C Mason Cole, Michigan
    131 overall:T Jamarco Jones, Ohio St.
    209 overall: WR Marcell Ateman, Oklahoma St.
    227 overall: QB Kyle Allen, Houston
    229 overall: S Marcell Harris, Florida

    1. Where is the TE & LB we so desperately need?

  3. I would be very happy if the Draft played out this way for Miami. Wouldn't be upset one bit


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