Miami Drafts Gesicki and Has a Great Day 2 in this Draft

Footage of me immediately after the Dolphins drafted Mike Gesicki

This also happened

It's not that I went to PSU why I wanted Miami to draft Mike Gesicki. It's not that he fills a need on the team. It's because with every ounce of my being, I believe/know that Mike Gesicki will be a major play maker in this league. I'm sure you've been following my plight here at so I really don't have to go in to much detail about one of my first blogs I wrote here about how Miami should draft Gesicki. Well it's true, I wanted Miami to draft Mike since jump street and tonight they did just that. I don't want to pat myself on the back and say I had anything to do with the Dolphins getting smart and taking a guy who instantly becomes a red zone darling, but I really feel I had a lot to do with the Dolphins taking a logical approach and drafting the 6'6 crazy athlete that is Mike Gesicki. Put it this way, I wrote that blog about how Miami needs to take Gesicki and they ended up taking him. Can't refute that kind of logic. That's kind of logic wins court cases 11/10 times. Maybe one day me and Mike can talk about it over some Are You Hungry.

Miami started yesterday by not mortgaging the future by trading up to get a QB and drafting Minkah Fitzpatrick, a guy who will start from day one and will lay the wood and be the ball hawk that the backend of the defense desperately needs. Then, the Dolphins go ahead and keep the brains rollin and draft Gesicki. I know Dallas Goedart was on the board, who was ranked ahead of Gesicki in most mock drafts but to me and the rest of the Dolphin's brain trust, they realize that Gesicki's ceiling is the roof. Yeah, I know he doesn't block great and when he's out there it means that they are probably throwing. To that, I say to quote Metallica, So What? It's a passing league and you can always use a guy who can jump out of the building for TDs, something that is a good thing that Miami hasn't had since Chris Chambers. Also, it's worth pointing out that Gesicki played basketball in high school. Not sure if you followed the career of Antonio Gates, but that sometimes means a lot.

I'm ecstatic about the pick. I've never wanted a player to get drafted by Miami and it actually happen before. A new time for me indeed. Miami selected LB Jerome Baker in the 3rd. He's another guy that will have an opportunity to contribute right away because he fills a need. Where Miami goes from here is anyone's guess. You have to think RB and QB will be addressed somewhere today. I'd enjoy me some Luke Falk. Either way, I'm thrilled with how Miami approached this draft and so should you.

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