The Dolphins Schedule Is Not Daunting

I'm not one to watch the release of the NFL schedules two hour shows and break it down. Frankly it's a waste of my time because the reality is we don't know how well our team is going to be or anybody else is on the schedule too many things can happen. I just like to look at the Miami Dolphins schedule and say ok this is it without getting too high or too low. What's fair or unfair.

This year I don't think there should be a lot of complaints at least not from me. In 2016, we started 3 of our first 4 games on the road against playoff teams from the previous year. Last year, before the hurricane affected the opener, it was a home opener, then a trip out west, then back on the east coast for a road game, then go across the pond before finally coming home to play all jet lagged. Not any quirky trips this year or 3 game road trips. A bye week in the middle of November and only one cold weather game in December. Personally, I don't care about the cold weather games in December.

The Dolphins start the first quarter of the season at home to the Tennessee Titans, then a road game against the New York Jets, home game against the Oakland Raiders, and then at New England. That is not a bad way to start the season. Sure, the Titans made the playoffs last year, but they were not a very good team heck the Dolphins beat them. 2 road divisional games will be tough, but manageable because the Jets you don't know what you are going to get and playing the Patriots early in the season might help because they typically mixing and matching their team and don't play their best football in September. They lost 2 homes last year to the Chiefs and Panthers and yes, those teams made the playoffs, but those aren't games the Patriots typically lose at home unless early in the season. Of course, the game against the Raiders could be winnable the could have and should have beat them last year.

The 2nd quarter you have a road game at Cincinnati, back to back home games against Chicago and Detroit, and the dreadful road game on Thursday night against Houston. Heck those are all winnable there is nothing great about any of those teams.

The 3rd quarter they have the home rematch with the Jets, then go to Green Bay followed by the bye week, then at Indianapolis, and home to Buffalo. Again, not too bad. Some will say the Packers should beat us because it’s in Green Bay, but I remind people we beat them the year they won the Super Bowl up in Green Bay when Cameron Wake sacked Aaron Rodgers 3 times. The Colts are rebuilding who knows how they will be and the Bills I don't see Miami getting swept by them again.

The Dolphins end the season at home to New England, then go to Minnesota, home to Jacksonville and end the season at Buffalo. I think that is the toughest stretch, but the Patriots have not played well in Miami. Jacksonville let’s see what they do with Blake Bortles this year. Minnesota is very tough and like I said I'm not high on the Bills they were lucky to make the playoffs last year and they got rid of their starting quarterback. Miami would have beat them in the season finale last year if we didn't treat it like a preseason game.

Overall, I could see Miami winning 10 games with this schedule. I really believe that, but a lot can happen between now and then. Hopefully Ryan Tannehill stays healthy and we have a strong draft. Injuries will be a factor and hopefully we get lucky in that department as well. All 1pm games too except of the Thursday night game I'm good with that. This is a schedule I think most fans can't complain about. 


  1. On paper it is much easier than last years. And the layout of it from a travel aspect its much easier


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