Dolphins Offseason Impact

The Miami Dolphins began OTA’s Tuesday in Davie.  Questions surround the 2018 Dolphins, but none more than the health of Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill has missed significant time rehabbing his torn ACL, but that is the tip of the iceberg heading into the 2018 season.  Now, no one expects Miami to contend for the Super Bowl, but why can’t this group be there at the end for a playoff spot?  

Many criticized Miami for NOT drafting a QB in last month’s draft.  Okay?

I like what Miami has done this offseason.  The OTA portion of this offseason provides us a glimpse into what we can expect in 2018.  It gives coaches an opportunity to tweak certain aspects of their playbooks heading into minicamp.

Gone are Landry, Pouncey, Suh, Parkey, Timmons, etc.  These players will definitely be missed, but how much?  Were they the difference makers Miami sought in 2017?

NO.  While talented, they were part of a team that went 6-10 last season.  Dolphins brass felt their production didn’t match the salaries they were making and or commanding.  Miami has retooled it’s WR corp, upgraded their Oline depth, drafted key position players, AND getting their starting QB back.  People are down on the Dolphins.  It’s MAY, calm down.

If you want to see the light at the end of the tunnel, all you need to do is look at the 2013-2014 Denver Broncos roster.  Yes, they had Peyton Manning, but the roster was tailored to fit what Adam Gase wanted to do on Offense.  Results?  Record Breaking year for Peyton Manning, two years removed from neck surgery, 1,000-yard RB, a WR/TE Corp who combined to catch 317 of Peyton Manning’s 450 Completions. 

Gase tailored his offense to fit player strengths, creating mismatches, etc.  Talk is, in 2017, Gase had to simplify his offense due to the circumstances surrounding the team.  Injuries, scheduling, and just plain dumb luck all played a part in his decisions.  Now, with players returning, hope is being restored among Dolphins fans.

It’s a fresh season, new players, and new hope.  Miami may not be favorites for the upcoming season, but they are better than Vegas odds.  Fans need to put 2017 in the rear view.   The 2018 version of the Miami Dolphins should provide fans and media alike with plenty of intrigue.   

Prediction?  None.  All 32 NFL teams will have a say in the outcome for the upcoming season, except the New York Jets.  They Suck! 

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