Dolphins Turnaround on the Horizon?

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The Miami Dolphins are team in transition.  No one knows what to make of this roster.  Talent such as Pouncey, Landry, Suh, Timmons, etc were allowed to seek employment elsewhere.  Vegas has the Miami Dolphins at 5.5 over/under wins for 2018.  HUH?

Ok, let’s just put this out here.  Miami is not as bad as the NFL experts claim them to be.  Are they Super Bowl contenders?  Probably not, but, no one knows the actual outcome of any NFL season.  Jacksonville was picked to finish LAST in the AFC South in 2017, only to finish runner up in the AFC.

It seems as if this offseason was a retool, rather than the dreaded “rebuild”.  Miami, coming off a 10-6 (2016) campaign, struggled in 2017.  Experts anointed Miami as the team on the rise in 2017.  They had them at 7.5 wins AFTER Tannehill was injured.  Now, these very experts pick Miami to win 5.5 games in 2018? 

What offseason are they watching?  

The way I see it, Adam Gase spent the 1st year getting his feet wet.  After a poor 1-4 start, Gase made changes to his team, including cutting starting players.  Miami then proceeded to go 9-2 the remaining 11 games.  Gases’ 2nd season was a bit of a reality check for the hotshot coach.  Losing his starting QB, starting LB going AWOL, Hurricanes, Jay Ajayi trade, etc. and Miami still managed to squeeze out 6 wins.

Now fast forward to 2018.  Coaches/GM’s like to bring in “their” players. Albeit three years into his coaching career, Miami has retooled the roster to Coach Gases' liking.  Landry, Pouncey, Suh, among others, were players brought in by the previous regime, you know, the Failbin era.  They didn’t fit what Adam Gase, Matt Burke, and Chris Grier are trying to assemble. 

Suh was never going to be brought back to Miami, his contract said so.  Landry is a productive WR, but would you rather have Antonio Brown, or Jarvis Landry?  AB is an elite WR, Landry is a good WR.  Pouncey couldn’t practice, thus leading to hiccups on the offensive line throughout the season.

Miami wasn’t going anywhere with these players on their roster, so why not part ways, and get better in other areas. 

WITH Suh, Landry, and Pouncey, the Miami Dolphins have gone 6-10, 10-6, 6-10.  Not exactly stellar seasons.  Now, this doesn’t mean these players didn’t have an impact on the team, but their impact wasn’t enough to warrant their salaries.  So say what you may about the cuts Miami made in 2018.  They were done to set the team up for their future.  Miami has their future cap numbers in line and continues to build their team thru the draft.

With the return of Ryan Tannehill, the added Offensive line depth, key pieces added or maturing on Defense, Miami should be an ascending team.  Adam Gase has admitted to past mistakes, but he is young.  2018 will show if he has learned from his ego and or mistakes. 

Adam Gase realizes this is a sink or swim season in Miami.  Playoffs or bust.  Let’s hope it’s the before rather than the latter.  If Adam Gase is to flame out in Miami, at least he did it with his players.

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  1. As long as Ross owns this team it will go nowhere just as under Huizenga, who at least didn't meddle, although he pushed Shula out the door and began the decline. After 2017 Gase should have been fired, pure and simple. EVERY move he made was a disaster. Cutler, trading Ajayi, tanking the final Buffalo game -- no one has commented on this curious, suspicious fact. Well. it is Miami. Not a serious city. (I was born in South Florida so I know the 3Rs are a mystery in the educational system.) Changing the culture? To what -- a culture of game-losing penalties? Yet the worst owner in the NFL from the moment he stepped into the NFL -- Sparano, Philbin, Gase -- is oblivious. Imagine an NFL franchise so incompetently run that when the head coach who never should have been hired is fired, a Dan Campbell is the best it has to take over. Despicable. Yet the Miami press -- panderers -- says nothing. "Steve wants to win" they pathetically simper. Some of us knew the team as a renowned winner. Since 1995 it's a joke. I wish Ross did veto the Minkah Fitzpatrick pick -- as solid as they come -- to show the egomaniac's newfound drafting acumen. Demented slob.

    1. You are just the same idiot as always.. Trolling Jets fan go away !!!

    2. Hilarious, what a halfwit. Love this typical Dophfool. Ross gets richer with single digit IQs like Ms. Farley/

  2. The belief that Mr.Ross is a bad owner is misguided. He is in fact a very good and supporting owner. The problem in the past was the wrong head coaches, and the team front office staff. Winning just enough games placing the draft order in the so so players position. I like the last two drafts. I am looking forward to this season. Die-hard fan of 62, spoiled by the 1972 fins and the great job done by coach Shula. I see this season being a good one. Not dreaming SB, maybe a few years later. Just getting back to being a good team, next a great team then a SB


    1. Who hired the wrong head coaches, who hired the front office? Are you serious?

    2. Like a typical troll will avoids putting his name down you oversimplify everything. Therefore there's no arguing.

    3. So Mr. Ass-nonymous, who would you have hired in 2016 instead of Gase? He was the hot name everyone wanted. And I suppose everything that went wrong in 2017 was his fault. Tannehill's knee, Hurricane Irma, Gase's fault, right? No, Cutler was not a good choice, but they were not going to win anything anyway.


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