The Impact of Fitzpatrick

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Minkah Fitzpatrick.  The young 21 yr old Safety from Alabama.  Drafted by the Miami Dolphins with the #11 pick in the 2018 draft.  Whether you like the pick or not, this makes a TON of sense for the Dolphins.  Among MANY mock drafts, Fitzpatrick was slated as a top 5-10 pick in the draft.  The QB frenzy that was 2018 played into the Miami Dolphins favor.

At 6’0”, 204lbs, Fitz fits the mold of what you want in the FS position.  He is a 2x Nat’l Champ while playing for Adam Gases mentor, former Dolphins coach/traitor, Nick Saban.  Starting as a freshman, Fitzpatrick earned Freshman All-American, as well as Freshman All SEC.  Tall task considering the talent Bama has churned out in recent years.  

As most fans should know, Adam Gase has the utmost respect and trust in his former mentor, Nick Saban.  While Dolphins fans may have a disdain of one Nick Saban, truth is, the man is one of the greatest coaches to ever walk the sidelines.  So, fandom aside, I trust Dolphins brass and their approach to this 2018 NFL 1st round draft pick. 

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Fitzpatrick is a great chess piece for the Miami Dolphins defense.  He can play multiple positions at a high level, and Fitzpatrick is a player that Coach Saban absolutely adores.   He doesn’t back down from challenges. 

  Saban on Fitzpatrick: "He's phenomenal. He does it every day. I've heard guys say they save it for the game and they aren't worth a shit"

He is a field general.  A Leader.  Today’s NFL offenses call for NFL Defenses to play more nickel/dime packages.  New England ran these packages on almost 90% of their play calls.  He can play FS, SS, & Corner.  Fitz has a TON of versatility, works hard, and is as NFL ready as they come.

Image result for minkah fitzpatrick miami dolphinsThe Ftizpatrick pick also allows Miami to use TJ McDonald as a hybrid OLB in Nickel and Dime Packages.  McDonald, 6' 2"/230lbs, is roughly the same build as Kiko Alonso.  He flashed at times in this hybrid role during his 4 seasons with the Rams.  Essentially, Miami killed two birds with one pick.

The popular pick was that Miami was in LOVE with Josh Rosen.  I have said all along, this was a smoke screen put on brilliantly by the Miami Dolphins front office.  All offseason, Miami has promoted QB Ryan Tannehill as the man who can get the job done.  Rightfully so. 

Most recently, we posted an article (Curious Case of Ryan Tannehill) stating reasons as to why Tannehill will succeed in Miami.  The fact they didn’t reach for one of the Fab Four QB’s should tell everyone what they think about Ryan Tannehill.  Adam Gase is putting HIS team together. 


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  2. "At 6’0”, 204lbs, Fitz fits the mold of what you want in the FS position. "
    -- Well, the problem here is that he didn't play FS in college. He played strong safety, just like Rashad Jones.

    When I look at Fitz, I can't help see the facial resemblance of Junior Seau. He looks like a skinny Junior Seau to me... he just does. On the scouting tapes, the guy makes tackles like a natural, and he jumps in front of receivers, like a corner to get interceptions. He looks like a proto-typical Strong Safety.

    A free-safety, in contrast, runs behind a receiver, not in front of him. He's the helper, helping the corner jump in front. A FS is essentially a fat corner(10 pounds heavier), who can help with double coverage. Minkah does have this 10 pounds.... but, I don't see anything in his draft tape that remotely looks like a FS and helping in double coverage.

    1. Missed 2 things on First Read... this is a great article, btw... if I ever play devil's advocate, please don't take it personally.

      1. That positional breakdown by PFF has Fitz at Safety 7% of the time. I suppose that is the "FS" over the top role?

      2. McDonald is 230 lbs? 230 lbs? Holy cow! He can't play FS at that weight... nobody can. Either he has to lose 20-25 lbs... or switch to LB. I now see why PFF rated him the #59 Safety, and #40 FS. He's plainly too heavy to be a full-time player at that position.


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