DT Daily for Thurs, June 14th: Landry vs Tannehill and OTA tidbits

On today's show we talk about the recent comments Jarvis Landry said  Wednesday on the NFL Network stating that he and Ryan Tannehill do not have a close relationship. Why Landry keeps taking shots at the Dolphins in the media. We dive into what has Landry so mad all of these months later and why he (not Dolphins fans) need to get over it and move on. We also talk about some of the recent tidbits that have come out of this weeks OTA session.
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  1. This might be your best show ever! Lots of passion and good takes

  2. Loved this show. I mean all your shows are good but this one really hit the nail on the head. Tired of everyone blaming Miami fans for not moving on like you said. Landry is the one who needs to move on.

  3. Used to have respect for Landry....no more

  4. I love this podcast. The passion Mike brings is great. You don't get that passion on a lot of other podcasts. Especially Dolphins podcasts. Calling Omar out was outstanding. Glad someone finally did it.


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